taj gateway resort

DASTKAR was excited at the idea of collaborating in the creation of a range of exclusive, one-of-a-kind textile artworks for a project at the Taj Gateway Resort, Sohna, in which the best of Indian textile techniques, traditions and textures would be re-designed to meld with the contemporary feel of the interiors, and the external garden spaces.

Working with talented and experienced embroiderers from the Banaskantha region of Gujarat and Lambani tribal craftswomen of Karnataka, under the guidance of designer and Dastkar founder and Chairperson, Laila Tyabji, three 20 ft tall wall hangings were developed for the Reception Area.

A combination of patchwork appliqué and embroidery was applied to the theme of Nature and the Crafted Forest, inspired by Indian flora and fauna as traditionally depicted in Indian craft and textiles.

A colour palette of greens, yellows, terracotta, browns, blues, and earth colours was decided upon – each panel with slight variations of the base colours, deepening progressively. Fabrics used would be Indian handloom Mangalgiri cottons, with accents of ikat, blockprint and mashru.

160 further artworks were produced to decorate the suites and bedrooms. These were painted textiles also inspired by the Nature and the Crafted Forest theme. The techniques used were Kalamkari, Madhubani, Gond painting and Mata-ni-Pacheri, painted on silk tussar fabric or handloom cotton, and using traditional motifs and imagery, re-created exclusively for the resort. Each piece being unique and one-of-a-kind.