A Society for Crafts and Craftspeople

Since 1981 Dastkar has been instrumental in the creation of many crafts revival and self-sustainable craft community development projects, that then went on to grow independently into some of the most successful, recognised and referred-to success stories in the Indian crafts sector.

Dastkar has always held one of its core philosophies to be the goal of its own redundancy. As a craftgroup takes on board the design, production and marketing skills training that Dastkar organises for them; then matures and is able to organise, manage and directly market its craft products independently, Dastkar phases out its involvement and takes on new craftgroups in need of similar assistance.

Dastkar is both the invisible and visible instrument in the economic and social improvement affecting over 1 lakh craftspeople from across the country. Dastkar’s support services are the invisible processes behind the visible marketing platforms of the popular and well-attended Dastkar Bazaars and Exhibitions that provide craftspeople with exposure to and direct interaction with the urban consumer, enabling them to gauge market trends and customer demands for themselves.

Our Projects